Hey Everyone hope your Christmas and New year's went great! I know all of us from Beta Kappa Xi are excited to get the semester rolling and bring new people into our family along with organizing events. Our first meeting was this week and there are a few details that need to be shared. If you have not heard already Rocco and John have chosen inactivity for this semester, so there are a few change in positions that you should all be aware of. The New Positions are:
President: Alyssa, Vice President: Andrew, Secretary: Vince, Treasurer: Denelle, Sgt in Arms: Annmarie, Pledge master/ Mistress: Denelle, Ast. Pledge Master: Vince Greek Rep: Vince, Alt. Greek Rep: Andrew, Historian: Annmarie, Program Coordinator: Vince, Community Service Coordinator: Alyssa
The next order of Business is that due to the increase in prices we have decided to raise the alumni fee's from five to ten dollars. If you can give extra to the organization that would be greatly appreciated! You can send due's to any brother or sister still on campus but if you do not have any ones addresses please feel free to send the due's to me and  I will make sure that they go to the proper place my address is
Abbie Steffy
3512 Thurston Hall
2nd Main Street Suny Delhi 
Delhi, New York 13753

Finally the last news I  have to report to you which I'm sure you are all aware of and concerned over is the whole fight between all of the on campus members. We are all going to sit down Monday night during our meeting and try to mend our relationships as brothers and sisters.

Besides that there is no other news. I will be updating this monthly and will send you all e-mails when new updates are on! Hope everyone has a good year and cannot wait to see you all!